Our webdesign and editing/publishing projects have won numerous international awards.

Awards & Accolades

American Philatelic Society

Awarded its 2013 Gold Medal to our website for Sports Philatelists International

2004 Athens Olympic Games

Awarded a Silver medal to the Journal of Sports Philately at the Olymphilex 2004 philatelic exhibition. Mark Maestrone, the principal of this firm, has been the editor-in-chief of this publication since 1990.

2000 Sydney Olympic Games

The Journal of Sports Philately was awarded a Silver medal in the philatelic literature competition at Olymphilex 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

1996 Sydney Olympic Games

Mark Maestrone, with co-author Joan Bleakley, were awarded a Vermeil medal for Olympians on Stamps in the Cultural Olympiad literature exhibition during Olymphilex 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. Published to coincide with the Centennial Olympic Games of 1996, the softbound, 181-page book, brings together for the first time in a single reference each Olympian commemorated philatelically over the first 100 years of the Modern Olympic Games.