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A lifelong New York Mets fan and collector, Craig Perlow found himself with a lot of duplicate and/or unwanted items that he wished to sell at very reasonable prices to other fans who shared his passion for collecting the team's memorabilia. MetsArtifacts.com was born out of that passion, making the website the first real online collector-to-collector marketplace for Mets enthusiasts.

The Challenge

The heart of MetsArtifacts.com was to be the extensive database already created by the owner. What was lacking was an effectively branded website that would serve baseball enthusiasts and Mets fans.

The Solution

Three key issues presented themselves as critical in building MetsArtifacts.com.

First was branding for the site which included development of a logo, visuals, and words using iconography awakening the associations and experiences of Mets fans.

The second issue involved integration of the existing database with a coherent user-friendly interface able to present over 500 products organized into 25 categories. The owner had done his job well as very few modifications of the database were needed.

The final issue was to incorporate shopping cart technology designed specifically for MetsArtifacts.com. This allowed us to customize key sales data for the owner that was not available in off-the-shelf shopping cart software.

Measurable Results

MetsArtifacts.com saw its first sales within days of launching and continues to foster collector-to-collector exchanges between New York Mets fans.